Our Mission

Helping knowledge driven organisations achieve sustainable success

Associations and business events are knowledge exchange platforms with the potential to shape our world.

Achieving this impact requires the collaboration of industry experts, understanding diverse viewpoints, and constructing a solid course of action.

Helping people make the right decisions, design the right programmes, and send the right messages – at the right time – is what we do.

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Our values


We dive deep to understand dynamics within your sector and how they impact your people, organisation and business objectives.


We believe in telling the truth, even when it hurts. We would rather refuse a project than promise a fantasy.


We dare to ask questions and believe in challenging assumptions. We want to make the difference that justifies your investment.


We build on our experience to fuse strategy with project implementation. We know it is results that matter.

Speed to market

Your leaders work directly with our partners, enabling fast decisions and avoiding diluting the vision through layers of administration.

Fair budgets

Our fees are based on clearly scoped, phased projects so you can evaluate progress vs investment. Our passion and dedication are included in the price, it’s the only way we work.

Connect with the team

We gained our experience in boardrooms, on tradeshow floors, in running management service companies.

We partner with every client throughout the process, offering ongoing advice and continuously monitoring for opportunity and risk.

Colm Clarke

Partner, Consultancy

15+ years’ experience in management services, business events and associations. Colm ensures clients are asked the right questions.

Driving change whilst building consensus is central to his work, which usually involves developing vision into organisational structures, educational content, and communications.

Curious, and at ease with complexity, Colm combines creative spark with analytical rigour. Always seeking elegant solutions which like the best guitar riffs, appear deceptively simple until we try to replicate them.

Michiel Gen

Partner, Stakeholder Management

15+ years’ experience in association management, events and public affairs. Liaising with professional and trade associations, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, Michiel ensures content is relevant, supports business objectives, and facilitates connections between senior executives.

Drawing from his passion for cooking, Michiel knows matching the dish to the occasion, and gathering the right guests at the table is what makes for an optimal and memorable experience.

Michiel is a regularly speaker on association and events topics. He is an active member of ASAE and serves as Vice Chair of the the society’s International Associations Advisory Council in 2023/24.

Paolo Rampetta

Partner, Business Development

15+ years’ experience in event consultancy and advising on exhibition, sponsorship and advertising sales strategies. Paolo ensures commercial success for organisations that depend on long term, repeat customers.

With deep insights into the inner workings of trade shows, he has handled complex portfolios and gained crucial experience in event re-modelling to overcome deadlocks and anticipate future challenges.

Eclectic and fond of a multidisciplinary approach, Paolo is sceptic of assumptions.

Whether tuning the engine of an old motorbike or combining musical instruments, he finds fascination in how parts contribute to the performance of the whole.

Bénédicte Losseau

Partner, Events & Operations

15 years’ experience on dozens of events in more than 20 countries worldwide. Bénédicte puts her structured but caring approach, her eye for detail, and her boundless energy to work to deliver a seamless event experience for clients and participants.

From planning and site and/or virtual event platform selection, through to onsite/online production, Bénédicte ensures every organisational element is taken care of whilst never losing sight of the client’s vision or budget goals.

As a lover of nature, respecting all the components of an ecosystem, and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships are her guiding principles.

Doreen Loeber

Events and Communications Coordinator

10+ years in events and international business communications. Doreen ensures the smooth running of our client events and helps connect professional communities.

Her role covers project and content management, as well as liaising with customers and suppliers.

Working across Europe and beyond, and fascinated by how language and culture interact, Doreen is central to creating a positive experience for our diverse client audiences.

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