Event Risk Management Training

Our Event Risk Management Training is designed for association event managers to help them understand, evaluate and mitigate their event risks, and know how to act in case of an issue.

  • Identify the main types of risks inherent to onsite and online events
  • Assess the potential impact of the risks on the association and the event
  • Learn how to mitigate these risks, in accordance to your association’s risk appetite
  • Develop a plan for managing an event crisis

Make sure you have

a plan to manage

your event risks

Training Fee :  €400

We really want to do our trainings in person, so we’ll be looking at the schedule in Q1 2022 once COVID restrictions are updated.
Interested? Let us know! We will send you the date and registration info as soon as it opens.

What you will get:

Our Event Risk Management Training for association event professionals is an intensive one-day course with practical exercises. Whatever stage of career you are at in the event, the training will provide you with valuable insights, practical knowledge, and new ideas:

  • Identify the risks and assess the level and severity of impact they can have on your association and your event
  • Understand and have a check list of who you need to turn to, to help you with the different risks
  • Understand your organisation’s risk appetite and how it frames the risk mitigation and management
  • Use concrete guidelines to build your crisis response plan

Our Revenue Scan is

  Value for Money

Our experience makes it very efficient to run this exercise.


Done in maximum 10 days

  Collaborative & Specific

We work closely with you so the analysis is done knowing the specific needs of your organisation.

  Specialised for Associations

Designed in the context of the association objectives and the needs of their community.

Get a grip on your event risks and their impact

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