SEO Training for Associations

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) training is tailor made for associations to boost their Google ranking with the content they already produce to maximise their potential audience.

  • Master the basics of SEO.
  • A specific approach for needs of associations.
  • A concrete and actionable step by step method.
  • Understand what you can build and execute yourself, and where external vendors can help.

Associations are

sitting on

an SEO goldmine

Delivered by our partner, leading digital consultant Belly & Brain.

Training Fee :  €400

We really want to do our trainings in person, so we’ll be looking at the schedule in Q1 2022 once COVID restrictions are updated.
Interested? Let us know! We will send you the date and registration info as soon as it opens.

What you will get:

Our SEO Training is an intensive one-day course for association professionals. Learn the essential skills for unlocking this potential and benefit from the value of high search engine ranking:

  • Evaluate the SEO performance of your association
  • Master the key concepts required to understand SEO
  • Integrate this new approach in your content production process
  • Identify the key best practices to move your content production to the next level.
  • Have a step by step approach how to unlock SEO potential for your association

Our Revenue Scan is

  Value for Money

Our experience makes it very efficient to run this exercise.


Done in maximum 10 days

  Collaborative & Specific

We work closely with you so the analysis is done knowing the specific needs of your organisation.

  Specialised for Associations

Designed in the context of the association objectives and the needs of their community.

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