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Europe can be an enigma for many US headquartered associations. On one hand, critical to providing knowledge exchange and value for globally active professionals and their companies, whilst on the other, a region full of competitive and cultural obstacles.


We believe Europe is a key region for every association with global aspirations – but there is no one-size fits all strategy or approach. You may have an established community of members and chapters or prefer to work on alliances and partnerships. Your value could be learning for individuals, or helping to align standards and regulations globally. The exact combination will be unique to your association, so we always work closely with both Headquarters staff and your regional community to define the appropriate level of ambition and activity.


From strategic planning to governance, conference content to meeting planning, membership engagement to communications, we offer a wide range of services from association professionals with decades of experience working for US based global organizations.

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Are you facing challenges such as these?

Our European members are less satisfied or engaged than other regions

We have delivered programs and services in Europe but are not satisfied with the ROI

We see opportunities but need help to adapt our offer for Europeans

Our standards and guidelines are not widely recognized as resources in European public policy discussions

Our regional leaders need more real-time support than we can offer from our US Headquarters team

Our conference model doesn’t bring us the financial or engagement results we need

We don’t fully understand the competitive and collaborative landscape in Europe

What can we do for you?

Strategic planning

Whether you need to catch up, or need to stay ahead, an agile strategy is vital in today’s fast moving world. We help you focus on the most relevant activities for Europe and prepare tangible plans for implementation.

Marketing strategy

Europeans have different expectations in marketing style and messaging. Adapt event concepts, revitalize your core audience, attract new followers, and connect your content strategy to your story.

Stakeholder dialogue

We are in daily contact with industry leaders from diverse sectors. We are comfortable interviewing and discussing strategic issues with your stakeholders, helping manage expectations before analyzing and compiling insights into concise recommendations.

Member and customer service

Demonstrating commitment by having staff support available in local languages and time zones can make a big difference in perception. We make sure to maintain your reputation with quality and responsive care.

Membership engagement

Listening to, and facilitating dialogue with members seems an obvious priority. Doing it effectively needs a clear focus, insight, and empathy. We are highly experienced in building the transatlantic “bridge” to add value to Headquarters’ customer service teams.

Change management

Alongside change from the industry or profession, your objectives also evolve. Whether driven by external or internal factors (or both), we can work through complex change management and relate to the human factors in change for members, volunteer leaders and staff. Our European presence helps ensure change is inclusive and brings you closer to your community.

Educational content

Technology, legislative, and demographic shifts require constant updating of topics, approaches and formats to keep your educational offerings relevant – and doing this through a European lens is another key success factor. We help design programs aligned to career paths and industry trends.

Business development

Sustainability means more than member retention, especially in developed, crowded markets. Tapping into new markets and creating new means of connecting with industry sponsors is key. We help you map out and deliver effective commercial strategies based on decades of front-line sales experience.

EU Public affairs

Monitor and highlight relevant regulatory news for your members, to inform strategy, or to develop content. We can also help you identify and evaluate opportunities to share and engage with European stakeholders.

Tell us your story and let’s discuss how we can help

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