Effectively Working with Volunteers – Training

Our Training Effectively Working with Volunteers is tailor made for association professionals to improve their relationships and efficiency in their daily work with volunteer leaders.

  • Fully understand the unique dynamics of working with volunteer leaders.
  • Learn concrete ways to improve your volunteer communications and relationships.
  • Address real-life challenges and discuss your specific situation with experts.
  • Boost the efficiency of your collaboration with volunteer leaders.

Your volunteers’ time

is precious

learn how to make

the most of it

Training Fee :  €400

We really want to do our trainings in person, so we’ll be looking at the schedule in Q1 2022 once COVID restrictions are updated.
Interested? Let us know! We will send you the date and registration info as soon as it opens.

What you will get:

Our Training Effectively Working with Volunteer is an intensive one-day course for association professionals. Whether you are new to associations or accustomed to collaborating with volunteer leaders, we’ll provide you with valuable perspectives and practical approaches:

  • Understand volunteer profiles and expectations
  • Address common challenges in staff-volunteer dynamics
  • Integrate best practices into your meeting preparation and collaboration with volunteer leaders and experts
  • Run hands-on practice exercises with your peers and expert facilitation
  • Improve your staff team’s positioning as a key partner for volunteer leadership groups

Our Revenue Scan is

  Value for Money

Our experience makes it very efficient to run this exercise.


Done in maximum 10 days

  Collaborative & Specific

We work closely with you so the analysis is done knowing the specific needs of your organisation.

  Specialised for Associations

Designed in the context of the association objectives and the needs of their community.

Boost your productivity with better staff-volunteer dynamics

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